Bear River Is...

The Village of Bear River, Nova Scotia, is located 6 km inland on a Fundy Tidal River that serves as the dividing line between Digby and Annapolis Counties.  Many years ago, because of the unique landscape which drops very abruptly to meet the flowing river, and the interesting structures clinging to the hillsides, the village was labeled "The Switzerland of Nova Scotia".  This outstanding picturesque setting has been extremely captivating over the years.  Many consider our "Tidal Village" to be the most interesting setting for a community in Nova Scotia.  The river has been known throughout history as the "Rhine of Nova Scotia".


This is an excerpt from a Bear River publication in the early 1900's


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  1. The Vacationer (Adventurer)
    Visitors to Nova Scotia (buffs of many types) are made aware of the opportunities of enjoyment that our truly special area offers and the services provided by our community.
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    Recognizes our truly exceptional development opportunities, in keeping with our natural attributes.